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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recognizing Love Exercises

In Dr. Kevin Leman's book "7 Things He'll Never Tell You {but you need to know}, he asks the question, "What kind of things does your husband do for you that show he really cares?" He immediately follows it with the question, "What kinds of things can you do for him that show you really care?" When I read that today I thought, "What a great set of questions to ask!" It is easy to get to going each day and forget to really think about these things and to not really show love or feel love. So here goes with my two lists...

Things my husband does for me that show he really cares:
  • Does the dishes every night.
  • Gets up consistently at 6:40 AM so that I can be on time for work at 8:00 since I need to give him a ride to his work... even though he doesn't have to be at work until 8:30 AM.
  • Eats whatever I fix... even if it is fish which he doesn't really like.
  • Brags on my food.
  • Makes time to spend with me.
  • Works on solving storage problems for me.
  • Does my laundry.
  • Gives great hugs.
  • Tries to be on time for church... even though it goes against his nature and personality.
  • Watches TV... he doesn't like to, but he knows that I do.
  • Wishes he could buy me flowers.
  • Tells me he is in it with me when things get really harry and bad.
  • Takes a shower... even when he doesn't think he needs one, but I do.

Things I can do for my husband to show I really care:

  • Cook food that he likes.
  • Make snacks that he really likes.
  • Make sure he doesn't forget his lunch.
  • Take time out for him everyday... even when it doesn't seem possible.
  • Listen to his dreams.
  • Listen to his techno talk.
  • Bike with him.
  • Give him lots of hugs.
  • Tell him how I need him.
  • Treat him like the most important thing in my life.
  • Respect his individuality, needs, and opinions.
  • Let him fail... don't impress my perfectionist tendencies on him.

This was a good exercise. I would challenge any married person to take it.

Until next time...

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