Following God with Courage

"This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be

afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." -- Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

102 Things I Love About My Husband 2011

This is an annual list for me. I started it our first fall married. It grows each year as I grow more and more in love with My Love, my husband. These are in no particular order. This is just the order they came to me as I sat down to write. I love you with my whole heart, My Love.

102. He does my laundry.
101. He washes the dishes.
100. He cleans the house with me.
99. He keeps our grass cut.
98. He is cleaning out to make room for a baby.
97. He took over all the chores when I got too sick to handle my part.
96. He doesn't complain about all he has to do.
95. He does the shopping for me when I can't.
94. He helps me get ready for work in the morning.
93. He helps me get the sleep and rest I need... which is a lot since becoming pregnant.
92. He goes to the doctor with me.
91. He sets goals for our family to love and honor God.
90. He stringently makes sure the tithe is given to God.
89. He makes sure bad TV shows and movies stay out of our house.
88. He has dreams of supporting our family so that I don't have to work.
87. He puts our family first.
86. He is tall.
85. He has broad shoulders.
84. He loves to hold me.
83. He cares that I approve of how he dresses for church.
82. He really likes our Sunday School class.
81. He really likes our church just like I do.
80. He loves Star Trek.
79. He hates Harry Potter.
78. He hates Twilight.
77. He fights to keep vampires out of our home.
76. He wants to say the hard stuff that I'm too polite to say.
75. He takes my needs seriously... even if they are silly little girl needs.
74. He is still romantic after two years of marriage.
73. He loves to bring me flowers.
72. He loves to provide for me.
71. He loves to say, "I'll get it."
70. He is tender and takes care of me.
69. He supports my dreams for our house.
68. He is helping encouraging me in my dream to paint.
67. He likes red.
66. He likes blue.
65. He likes small cars.
64. He only wants to drive a stick shift.
63. He pulls for Auburn just for me... he doesn't care for football himself.
62. He watches football just for me.
61. He likes America's Funniest Videos.
60. He lets me go see movies that are too sappy for him.
59. He loves my dog.
58. He recognizes the role my dog takes in my life.
57. He makes my dog a priority just because of what it means to me.
56. He takes care of my dog when I am too sick to do so myself.
55. He howls with Copper (my dog) and I.
54. He gives me money to spend.
53. He gets upset if I am without money.
52. He gets upset if I am driving around without my phone.
51. He texts me all day long.
50. He calls me if he can't get me by text or chat.
49. He does not want a job that will require him to travel away form me.
48. He believes I'm beautiful.
47. He tells me I'm beautiful.
46. He gives back rubs.
45. He hugs me in public.
44. He likes any event (within reason of his moral standards) that makes me hug up against him.
43. He remembers the anniversary of when we went on our first date.
42. He remembers the anniversary of when he proposed.
41. He remembers our wedding anniversary.
40. Our wedding anniversary is a special day to him.
39. He is sentimental.
38. He loves his mom and sisters.
37. He wants to be a positive male role in his sisters' lives.
36. He is passionate about music.
35. He loves sunsets.
34. He can watch a sunset from start to pitch dark with me.
33. He loves to photograph sunsets.
32. He loves photography.
31. He does not throw photographs away.
30. He is loyal to his friends.
29. He makes friends for life.
28. Making time for his friends is important to him.
27. He keeps in touch with his friends even when they move away.
26. He buys me gum.
25. He will go out and get anything I crave.
24. He bought me strawberry ice cream in the middle of the night.
23. He will go to a fast food restaurant with me (that he hates) just to get me a burger when I am craving it.
22. He tries to eat healthy.
21. He is rigid when it comes to his beliefs... not easily swayed.
20. He likes to take care of his mom when he can.
19. He loves Holidays with family.
18. He couldn't love our nieces any more.
17. He changes his driving habits just for me.
16. He hates Halloween.
15. He likes to take me clothes shopping.
14. He likes to buy me shoes.
13. He comes to the library and sets up the Meeting Room for me.
12. He comes to work with me on Saturdays and gets the book drop in for me.
11. He volunteers at kick-off just for me.
10. No matter what job he is doing, he tries to the best of his ability to do it with excellence.
9. He cleans my bathroom.
8. He loves our baby. He was on cloud nine for a week after the first ultrasound.
7. He is good with computers.
6. He talks about his work with me.
5. He listens about my work... even though it only frustrates him because he can't fix it.
4. He loves God with more than just words.
3. He loves me with more than just words.
2. He wants to be real.
1. He reads God's work daily.