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"This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be

afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." -- Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

100 Things I Love About My Husband

100. He loves God.
99. He reads his bible every day.
98. He prays for me.
97. He prays with me.
96. He reads the bible with me.
95. He leads our family of two to go to God with everything.
94. When I have a problem, he points me to God.
93. He reminds me to pray.
92. He helps me with the dishes.
91. He helps me with the cleaning when I need it.
90. He washes my clothes.
89. He does a good job washing my clothes even though they are complicated.
88. He likes my Sunday School class.
87. He joined my church when we were dating and still likes to go.
86. He has a lot of friends.
85. He keeps up with his friends even when they move to other places.
84. He shares his friends with me.
83. He is great with my nieces.
82. He is loves kids.
81. He doesn't pressure me.
80. He tells me I am great just as I am.
79. He thinks I'm beautiful.
78. He is great to talk to.
77. He shares with me.
76. He watches TV with me... even though he doesn't like it.
75. He pulls for my football team... even though he doesn't like football.
74. He shares his creative ideas with me.
73. When I have a need, he will use "his" spending money to get it for me.
72. He wears colored socks for me.
71. He wears jeans for me.
70. He is taller than me.
69. He is bigger than me.
68. He eats my cooking.
67. He lets me cook him healthy stuff.
66. He loves my ugly cakes.
65. He brags on my cooking.
64. He does not pressure me.
63. He takes care of me when I'm sick.
62. He lets me hang around the house in my PJ's.
61. He tries to relieve my stress.
60. He gives great back rubs.
59. He gives great foot massages.
58. He makes me pancakes.
57. He makes me waffles.
56. He brings me breakfast in bed.
55. He likes to bring me flowers.
54. He has a giving spirit.
53. He still hugs his mom and dad.
52. He still hugs his sisters.
51. He is protective on his sisters.
50. He doesn't let me walk at night in dark clothing.
49. He helps his mom and dad all he can... even though it is not always something he likes to do.
48. He volunteers to help me at my job when I have to go in on Holidays.
47. He helps me do the heavy lifting part of my job... moving tables and chairs to set up a meeting room.
46. He does his job... even though he doesn't really like it.
45. He does the yard work.
44. He takes pride in taking out the trash.
43. He helps me get ready for company coming over.
42. He takes care of my dog just like I would.
41. He took my dog on our honeymoon.
40. He lets my dog get in bed with me when I am sick.
39. He offers to cook for me when I have had a bad day at work.
38. He's a reader.
37. He reads to me.
36. He likes to sing Christmas carols.
35. He is trying to be more festive at Christmas just because it is my favorite time of the year.
34. He celebrates my birthday.
33. He shares his family with me.
32. He gave me a grandmother that thinks I am great.
31. He takes baths for me.
30. He is affectionate in public.
29. He likes to hold my hand.
28. He lets me hang on his arm.
27. He makes me laugh.
26. He knows the kind of chocolate I like... even though I don't like all chocolate.
25. He is really good at brushing my hair.
24. He fixed my DVD player.
23. He fixed my CD player.
22. He changes the oil on my car.
21. He does other routine maintenance on my car.
20. He lets me workout.
19. When my schedule get hairy, he helps me workout.
18. He supports my fitness hobby.
17. He makes me coffee.
16. He likes Stargate SG-1.
15. He likes Stargate Atlantis.
14. He watches NCIS with me.
13. He lets me put spinach in stuff.
12. He doesn't like brown.
11. He likes salad.
10. He likes my salad dressing.
09. He likes well made, quality things.
08. He turns off bad movies.
07. He doesn't let horror into our house.
06. He takes a stand for the stuff he believes.
05. His beliefs are not easily swayed.
04. He encourages me everyday.
03. He hopes for the best.
02. He points me to God.
01. He loves me.

And many more...

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