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"This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be

afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." -- Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

101 Things I Love About my Husband 2010

101. He's a bedrock and values our relationship above all except God.
100. He helps me when I am sick.
99. He put up Christmas lights Thanksgiving night... even though he doesn't like to start celebrating Christmas so early.
98. He made a Christmas music play list just for me in my car.
97. He gets the book drop in for me on cold mornings.
96. He likes SciFi.
95. He tries to keep filth out of his mind by avoiding watching it or reading it.
94. He wears dress clothes just for me.
93. He wears dress socks just for me.
92. He shares his warmth on cold days.
91. He takes me to Christmas concerts.
90. He goes to the Y with me... even though he doesn't really enjoy it.
89. He swims with me.
88. He shares his gloves when my hands are really cold and my gloves just aren't working.
87. He works on his time management issues just for me. They don't bother him.
86. He makes plans... just for me.
85. He helps me set boundaries against outside forces that threaten to crush me.
84. He builds things for me.
83. He works on organizing our house.
82. He likes my piano playing.
81. He likes my coloring.
80. He is impressed with the birthday present I gave him.
79. He does my laundry.
78. He does the dishes.
77. He does the floors.
76. He cleans my bathroom.
75. He cleans his bathroom.
74. He prefers my cooking to others.
73. He packs my lunch.
72. He packs me lemons so my water tastes better.
71. He makes me rest.
70. He turns on the Christmas lights for me.
69. He loves my cinnamon rolls.
68. He is tall.
67. He gives teddy bear hugs.
66. He talks about his work with me.
65. He endures my talking about my work... sometimes.
64. He walks the dog for me.
63. He watches chick flicks with me... sometimes.
62. He loves my family.
61. He misses my nieces.
60. He leads our family in Advent readings.
59. He opens doors for me.
58. He fixes the drinks at dinner.
57. He makes tea.
56. He helps me grocery shop.
55. He helps me shop for clothes.
54. He wears and likes the clothes I bought him.
53. He is great to talk to.
52. He thinks I'm beautiful.
51. He eats new and strange vegetables with me.
50. He is starting to like many vegetables.
49. He tries new food with me.
48. He lets me try new recipes.
47. He encourages me to try new recipes.
46. He has a giving spirit.
45. He helps with the Christmas shopping.
44. He takes pride in taking out the trash.
43. He takes pride in doing the dishes.
42. He takes pride in helping me.
41. He is affectionate.
40. He values honesty.
39. He values honest communication.
38. He is appreciates when I sacrifice so he can spend time with friends.
37. He appreciates my help with formalities.
36. He makes me coffee.
35. He supports me trying to be healthy.
34. He helps me try to prevent my headaches.
33. He enjoys sacrificing to help his mom.
32. He is still tender towards his mom.
31. He is protective of his sisters.
30. He protects our family unit.
29. He is helping to balance our time between the two sides of our family.
28. He cares how I feel.
27. He loves the LORD.
26. He is willing to sacrifice and take a stand for what is right before the LORD.
25. He hopes for the best.
24. He doesn't let me lose hope.
23. His beliefs are not easily swayed.
22. He loves Jesus.
21. He doesn't let horror into our house.
20. He prays for me to have good dreams.
19. He prays for me to have hope.
18. He turns off bad movies.
17. He goes out of his way to find good Christian music.
16. He enjoys texting me.
15. He texts me "100" times a day... maybe not always that many times, but he talks to me all day... everyday.
14. He is working on scheduling... for me.
13. He is a reader.
12. He reads to me.
11. He wants me to have fun.
10. He likes to hold my hand.
9. He likes to have me on his arm.
8. He thinks going to church is important.
7. He thinks having a calm Sunday morning is important to worship.
6. He is against going to church as a thing we "have to do".
5. He thinks we should go because we want to worship God, and we should be in the right state of mind when we get there.
4. He gets out of bed early so that I can have my time with God.
3. He encourages me.
2. He seeks God.
1. He loves me.

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