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Saturday, February 23, 2013

103 Things I Love About My Husband

I usually write this list for our anniversary.  This year after the death of our son, I have been a little slow on getting things done.  Sorry, My Love.  It is not a reflection on my love for you.  It is just a side effect of how I was wounded when our precious Nehemiah went to live with Jesus.

103.  The way he smells after a shower.
102.  The way he hugs me tight in bear hugs.
101.  The way he likes to hug me.
100.  The way he prays over me.
99.  The way he cries when he worships God to Rich Mullins.
98.  The way he desires to provide for our family.
97.  The way he takes his word seriously.
96.  He loves sci-fi.
95.  He reads to me.
94.  He likes to play games.
93.  He is not competitive when he plays games with me.
92.  His kiss.
91.  He loves my iron skillet Brussels Sprouts.
90.  He likes my artichoke chicken.
89.  He loves my roasted asparagus. 
88.  He raves over my salad dressing.
87.  He encourages me to paint.
86.  He raves over how wonderful all my craft projects are.
85.  He likes my paintings.
84.  He thinks my paintings should be worth a lot of money.
83.  He buys me paints.
82.  He surprises me with flowers.
81.  He encourages me to sew.
80.  He cares about my dreams.
79.  He really loves God.
78.  He reads his bible every day.
77.  He likes NCIS.
76.  He likes Star Trek.
75.  He loves his mom.
74.  He loves his sisters.
73.  He's best friends with his borther.
72.  He makes me a priority.
71.  He texts me a hundred times a day.
70.  He Google Chats with me.
69.  He video chatted every night when he couldn't be with Nehemiah and I in Birmingham.
68.  He cares if I have had a bad day.
67.  He loved Nehemiah.
66.  He supports my grief over Nehemiah... even the ways that are different than his.
65.  He grieves Nehemiah with me.
64.  He values his friends.
63.  He loves making stuff.
62.  He loves fixing stuff.
60.  He changes the oil in my car.
59.  He fixes my car's breaks.
58.  He respects my dad.
57.  He likes my brother.
56.  The way he is Susanna's special uncle.
55.  The way he laughs with Leah.
54.  The way he loves his nephews.
53.  The way he supports me in supporting my friends.
52.  The way he supports my love of my nieces.
51.  The way he took care of me when I was pregnant.
50.  The way he fixes me breakfast in bed.
49.  The way he is excited to tell me everything.
48.  The way he shares his day with me.
47.  The way he takes my side.
46.  The way he loves my family simply because they are my family.
45.  The way he lets me love Copper.
44.  The way he helps me take care of Copper.
43.  The way he is proud of his sister.
42.  The way he is proud of the accomplishments of his friends.
41.  The way he is learning to be a better man... growing in God, getting stronger.
40.  The way he supports the things I do to try to better myself.
39.  The way he leads us to church.
38.  The way he loves our Sunday School class.
37.  The way he helps me be early to church on the days I teach Sunday School.
36.  The way he helps me study to teach Sunday School.
35.  The way he has my back in any life situation.
34.  The way his skin feels.
33.  His eyes.
32.  His hands.
31.  The way he rubs my head when I have a headache.
30.  The way he held Nehemiah.
29.  The way he loved watching me hold Nehemiah.
28.  He tries to buffer my stress.
27.  The way he read to Nehemiah.
26.  The way he loved to hear me sing to Nehemiah.
25.  The way he helped me nurse Nehemiah.
24.  The way he stands so strong for things he believes to be right.
23.  The stand he takes on movies.
22.  The stand he takes on TV shows.
21.  The stand he takes on book content.
20.  To hear him sing in church.
19.  The compromises he makes over music vs. TV in the evening.
18.  The way he lets me decorate.
17.  The way he wants to make our house and home a reflection of us.
16.  The drive he has for quality workmanship.
15.  The way he cleans the floor.
14.  The way he helps in the kitchen.
13.  The way he does the laundry.
12.  The way he really wants to get me all the things I need or want.
11.  The way he likes the beach.
10.  Biking with him.
9.  We love the same restaurants.
8.  Worshiping with him.
7.  Hearing him talk about the latest thing he read in the bible.
6.  The way he helps me set up for Saturday programs.
5.  He volunteers at my work just for me.
4.  He thinks I am the best at my job.
3.  Swimming with him.
2.  His love of sunsets.
1.  The way he out of the blue just says, "do you know I love you?"

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  1. Very precious....Josh is a very special brother-in-law and I love how e cares for you and everyone he loves so much.